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In 2012, Wenzhou valve exports grew 26%
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Last year, Wenzhou valve products export a new force suddenly rises., dig out a lot of growth. Recently, a reporter from the Wenzhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau learned that, in 2012, Wenzhou valve export inspection, a total of 520 enterprises, 17600 approved the export valve products, $587000000, compared to the same period, the number of enterprises, the batch, the amount increased by 8.6%, 6.4% and 26%.

Reportedly, Wenzhou many valve companies began to focus on investment in technology, such as Chaoda, Bethel, founder of Wenzhou valve leading enterprises, with the technical advantages into aerospace, nuclear power, ultra-supercritical thermal power units and other high-tech fields. High temperature and super valve Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Co., Ltd. has independently developed, after directly used in major projects of national defense, recent product extends to important applications of high temperature field of oil refining project, petroleum and chemical industries. Ultra high temperature valves the company independent research and development, at present in the world or the original products, manufacturing difficult.

Petrochemical Valve chairman, chairman of Wenzhou valve industry association Yang Rongshui told reporters, quality is the lifeline of enterprise, before the products are exported to Southeast Asian countries, enhance the quality of the products now, has been accepted by the United States and European countries. According to the current situation, export sales in 2013 is expected to grow by more than 20%.

At the same time, the high-tech support, Valve Corporation will gradually turn OEM into the export of independent brands, such as Chaoda brand exports have increased from a few share in 2005 to 80%.

According to the inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the relevant responsible person said, rely on technological innovation, the strong stronger, last year exported US $10000000 of valve enterprises with a total of 8, the total export volume was 144000000 dollars, accounted for 24.5% of the total export volume of Wenzhou valve. But many small and medium-sized enterprises do not attach importance to the technical inputs, compared with foreign advanced valve manufacturing enterprises, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises valve, renewal of equipment is slow, lack of advance awareness.

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