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Zhejiang valve quality inspection center detection
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Recently, the entrusted foreign Metso automation company, organization and technical personnel Zhejiang valve product quality inspection center located in Germany, the MestoAutomationMAPAGGmbh production valve products type test of the enterprise development. The design document review and test, the enterprise will get certificates and test report of qualified test awarded Zhejiang valve quality inspection center. It is reported, this is the quality inspection center of Zhejiang Province, the first international valve products to Europe to conduct on-site test.

According to the requirements of " special equipment safety supervision regulations " and " pressure piping components manufacturing license rules " and other laws and regulations, valve enterprises are required to obtain the type test certificate can be sold in china. The Metso automation, butterfly valve, globe valve, cryogenic valves and other 7 products because there is no pressure pipe components manufacturing license, through to the Shanghai company to enter the domestic market, very inconvenient. The valve product quality inspection center to send technical personnel to Germany for the field test, through a gets the type test qualified shortcut for foreign invested enterprises, not only shorten certification time, and effectively promote the valve industry cooperation and development in China and abroad.

Since Zhejiang Province valve quality inspection center since 2011 February has a valve type test qualification, the center has helped the national 140 enterprises to obtain a type test certificate and testing report, helping locations throughout 16 provinces Shanghai, Xi'an, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shandong, Tianjin, Chongqing, Fujian etc.. In addition, the Taiwan province jetstream valve industry Limited by Share Ltd conducted field tests, related technical work to help enterprises to do the test valve, the successful manufacturing license, market access qualification.

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