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ZP43 knife gate valve
ZP43 knife gate valve

Knife gate valve product introduction:
Knife gate valve is a gate opening and closing parts, RAM direction of motion perpendicular to the direction of the fluid, knife gate valve can be fully open and fully closed, can not be adjusted and the throttle. Knife gate valve mainly by the valve body, O ring, gate, stem, bracket and other parts. Knife gate valve the use of single-folder structure, small volume, light weight; completely open channel, can prevent the deposition of medium in the valve, the replaceable type sealing structure, a common valve size and type knife gate valve repair difficult problems. The body is made from the traditional steel replacing spheroidal graphite cast iron, corrosion resistance, effectively extending the service life.

Gate knife gate valve has two sealing surface, the most common mode of gate valve sealing surface to form two wedge, wedge angle varies with the valve parameters, usually 50, wedge type knife gate valve can be made into a whole, called the rigid gate; also be made to produce the gate trace deformation, to to improve the process, make up the sealing surface angle deviations in the process, this gate is called the flexible gate type knife gate valve is closed, the sealing surface can only rely on media pressure to seal, that media pressure will depend on the sealing surface of the ram pressure to the other side of the seat to ensure the sealing surface of the seal, which is self-sealing. Most of the knife gate valve is sealed by force, that the valve is closed, to rely on external pressure to force the gate to the seat, to ensure the sealing surface of the seal.

Knife gate valve application scope:
Knife gate valve for use knife, has a good shearing, the most suitable fluid in the slurry, powder granules, fibers and other difficult to control, widely used in papermaking, petrochemical, mining, drainage, food and other industries. Knife gate valve with a variety of seat options, and can be controlled according to site requirements, equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators, valve automation.

The advantages of knife gate valve:
1 small fluid resistance, the sealing surface by the erosion of small and medium Chong brush.
2 knife gate valve opening and closing more effort.
3 media flow unrestricted, non-spoiler, do not reduce the pressure.
4 the valve body structure simple, short length, good manufacturing process, wide range of application.

Knife gate valve:
1 between the sealing surface can lead to erosion and abrasion, repair more difficult.
2 large external dimensions, requires a certain open space, opening and closing a long time.

Standard knife gate valve:
Design and manufacturing standards:
The structural length standard: GB/T 12221-2005
The connecting flange standards: GB/T 9113
Pressure - temperature rating: GB/T 12224-2005
Testing standard: GB/T 13927-2008

Knife gate valve installation and maintenance should pay attention to the following matters:
1 handwheel, handle and drive mechanism for lifting are not allowed to use, and avoid collision.
2 double disc knife gate valve should be installed vertically ( i.e. the stem is in the vertical position, the hand wheel at the top).
Knife gate valve 3 with a bypass valve should first open the bypass valve in the open ( to balance the import and export of differential pressure and decrease the opening force ).
The 4 belt transmission mechanism of the knife gate valve, according to product instructions for the installation.
5 if frequently switch the valve to use, lubrication at least once a month.

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